Home on the road for RVers of lesser ability

WHO: We call ourselves ‘senior motorhome adventurers’ — a disabled woman and an amazing caregiver.

AJ Barrett still manages to teach web publishing and social media for the Southern Illinois School of Journalism, so this creative project helps her help her students. Bill Sims is a professional poker dealer. More about AJ and Bill.

WHY a motorhome?

Bill travels to deal professional poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker (WSOP) so an RV made sense for him. But the decision to travel in an enormous Class A motorhome was practically made for us by AJ’s rare and serious neurological condition. Read about her most difficult journey.



To boldly go…like Star Trek Voyager’s Captain Janeway and Lieutenant Paris lost in the Delta quadrant of the US West and wherever else we can venture in RVoyager, a 2005 Newmar Kountry Star.

A bolder mission

We started this website to share pics and travel stories during the 2020 pandemic stay-at-home. We realized that there are lots of websites out there with adventure travelers but maybe not so many that consider RVers with lesser abilities.

WHERE: Speaking of the Wild West

“Have vaccine in these guns, will travel.” During the months of stay-at-home, we created an ambitious schedule to visit National Parks, monuments, seashores, historic parks and whatever we can find near the borders of the lower 48. A loop that mostly avoids the heartland.

WHEN: 2021 spring departure

We will both have both vaccine jabs by mid-March… soon as we can after that, we aim to bring you fresh travel tales and pics. In the meanwhile, you can check previous adventures from the list below or from our handy navigation menu above.

HOW: If we learn a new how-to, we’ll share it

For instance, how to choose the right RV for you and your abilities. We attended RV shows and visited dealerships. We found ourselves overwhelmed. Check out our checklist guide (coming soon) with free downloads. We are not influencers, but we will make some recommendations based on our experiences and abilities (Products, coming soon).


My harrowing after vaccine travels, and how to deal with disasters

A two-hour ride to Mike Roess State Park A couple beautiful short hikes in the Mike Roess State Park ended with a gorgeous sunset. At dark the nightmare of post-vaccine covid symptoms attacked me.   Since 2020 was the Twilight Zone year, we called our 2021 travel plans, The Outer Limits tour. We were avoiding people…

WHY? Why did two nature lovers choose a motorhome lifestyle?

Two very strange problems answer this question: Chiari Malformation (CM) and Syringomyelia (SM). Otherwise we would happily cruise while making a smaller carbon footprint in a B or B+ camper van. I was diagnosed with two rare and serious neurological disorders in 2014. The first — chiari — causes the second. Basically my brain is…

The best state park near Vegas: Valley of Fire offers eerie desert vistas and traces of native peoples

Oh the humanity. We’ve seen a bit of everything homo sapien. We hiked for ages to ponder on petroglyphs dating back thousands of years, yet caught a young couple carving graffiti in a rock wall along the trail on our way back. During another Valley of Fire outing, as we enjoyed a picnic, a couple…

Introducing the 1300s: a mystery on which we obsess again while touring Casa Grande Ruins

In our travels to the Western U.S. we began to recognize a common thread weaving together abandoned sites. The occupation of sites ended close to or within one particular century… the 1300s. Gone. As if — POOF — people vanished, leaving only traces of their civilizations in the ruins of structures we visited…


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