How to have a blast in Vegas on the Fourth of July

Our first tip, tongue-in-cheek: make sure the fireworks actually happen on the Fourth.

One year, I couldn’t believe I was able to book a reservation in a penthouse restaurant on the Fourth. Only to discover, the show would be on the 3rd.


Read on to see our pics and learn our opinion of the best place we’ve found to see the show on the Strip…

The Strip’s show claims a “boutique” status. Meaning, a designer plans the rhythms, shapes and color schemes.

Even the lights of the High Roller cue to match.

And you probably won’t leave this show feeling disappointed by its length.

You must position yourself at an appropriate angle, close enough to Caesar’s Palace, to see the ground-level bazookas, else you must find a way to rise above. Locals tell us that’s why prices for rooms at Caesar’s shoot into the ionosphere that week.

We have viewed the show from

and for us, the winner is…

VOODOO steakhouse.

  • Fireworks, white, matching the high roller ferris wheel white.
  • Four golden puffball fireworks above the Flamingo hotel, in center of Caesars complex.
  • Vegas Strip lit up, with blue and gold buildings flanking the dark area where the fireworks rise, these are white to match the high roller in white.
  • Same Strip view with even more fireworks but turning more pinkish
  • Closeup of a firework with five white arm wheel struts, with red sparks blossoming around
  • Another huge puffy and fuzzy fireworks shot
  • Two blossom fireworks and the ring of the High Roller
  • Big red spark ball firework with little light from small plane beside it
  • High roller and fireworks match colors as Caesars goes dark
  • Looks like someone blew a red cigar smoke ring, with a flower of red petals below
  • Flamingo side walls with Donnie and Marie Osmonds advertisement,
  • Two pom pons on the Flamingo hotel, with blue sparkle balls below
  • Bright yellow fireballs in the Caesar's courtyard
  • Combo of high fern like white streaks and low to ground fronds with pink and yellow
  • Huge expanse of red white and the blue high roller.

View the show head on from VooDoo. You can watch the colors coordinate with the High Roller lights, plus take in the breadth and scope of a broad city skyline. Our best Fourth of July fireworks photos are this view.

VooDoo’s food seemed nice, but I was getting over the Vegas Crud and couldn’t taste the full flavor. Bill considers it a good steakhouse. But, he cautions, that for this price level, he might choose a few other steakhouses first. But, when there’s a reason (like fireworks or full moonrise), finds it worth the extra to enjoy this west-to-east view.

Contrast that with the angles from the corner of Flamingo and Las Vegas (the Strip).

  • Bright green star and several green puffs with smoke above the north Caesar's tower.
  • Pink boomer above Caesars
  • View of the crowd with a fading firework above
  • A big white puffball, and lower down red and blue sparks
  • The crowd wielding SLR cameras and cell phone cameras skyward.
  • Green and white rockets glare above Caesars tower.
  • Again, white fuzzy with blue and red sparks.
  • View of big white fireworks eruption but between hotels and above walkways crowded with people.

The last pic came from the ground level by Bally’s in 2019. Caught only the fireworks finale thanks to attending the hilarious Miss Behave Game Show at Bally’s. No regrets.

Unless someone posts video of AJ annihilating a college student in Miss Behave’s chugging contest.

Then all bets are off.

Other potential solutions we have considered to capture a great view from a decent height:

  • booking an airplane or helicopter flight (note, the dots in the night sky in some of our pics)
  • if you can afford it, you might book the right time for a ride on the High Roller (but if not, we can’t imagine how you could time your wait in the line to be on it when the show is happening)
  • you also might be able to reserve a visit to top of the Eiffel Tower...but again, doubtful you can easily coordinate the right time for the show
  • book a room at Caesar’s Palace (but that may be too close or too pricey); maybe try other Strip hotels (we have heard the Cosmo, for instance)
  • other restaurants… perhaps the top of the Palms (odd angle) or the Strat (eye level with the fireworks but from a distance)

Please share with us in the comments about your favorite viewing areas, or tell us about your experience if you tried any of the above…

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