London Bridge is going up, going up, going up in Lake Havasu City

What would you do if your famous bridge was falling down?

Sell it to a desert town in America…

Thanks to Elks, we slated Lake Havasu City, Arizona for a “check it out” overnight en route elsewhere, not as a destination per se.

RVoyager warped

From Lake Havasu City Elks

  • Top of the hill view
  • Nice host
  • Amenities

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

To Kingman Arizona Elks Lodge

  • Great golf course views
  • Nice lodge facility
  • Dry dock only

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

RVillage offers an Elks group with a map of Elks with RV access

Membership in the Elks provides access to clubs across the nation. Some clubs raise money for charities with RV spaces. Some are dry dock only, some provide power and water, and some, a dump station.


While previously camped at the Roswell, NM Elks, we met a nice couple who call Lake Havasu City home. We knew nothing else about the place.

We discovered that in 1967, London (in the UK) determined its famous bridge no longer held up to modern traffic. Instead of demolishing it, London put it on auction. In 1968, developer of Lake Havasu City, Robert McCullock, won it with a bid of more than $2 million.

Some folks around called it, “McCullock’s folly.”

But by 1971, the reconstructed bridge connected the city to McCullock’s island.

That “folly” became some really pricey-nice real estate and a popular tourist destination.

We imagine this McCullock fellow strutting around piles of money singing, “Who da fool, now?

Another view of the London bridge.
Falling down falling down falling down

Lake Havasu City also claims to have the most lighthouses in the U.S.

Alas, a perfect scene setter for Bill, who has a running joke on me — he always selfies us with something growing out of my head!

  • Selfie with lightouse in background almost like a hat for AJ
  • This sign says the lighthouse is one third the size of the original on Lake Superior in Minnesota.
  • Lake Havasu
  • A label for Squeaky suckers on shore rocks
  • Another view of Lake Havasu
  • Beautiful shore but a dead fish washed up
  • Another view of the Lake
  • Bill and AJ pose at Lake Havasu
  • London Bridge reassembled and in use
  • AJ funny face with Palm Tree fronds on her head this time

We concluded our visit of the bridge area downtown with a light flight at the brewery in the Island Mall and Brewery.

That afternoon, RVoyager cruised us north to Kingman, where we parked at another friendly Elks lodge.

We just missed Elks Bingo night menu. So, we drove to downtown Kingman to dine and drink at Rickety Cricket Brewery.

The artist for the Rickety Cricket brewery in Kingman made fun and distinct labels.

We loved the food, brews and especially the artwork for the beer labels. And the name. Rickety Cricket.

The weather turned cold and rainy overnight with days of repeat rain and cold ahead. We postponed our next adventures… so the story of RVoyager’s maiden voyage resumes on May 23 in Death Valley.

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