Pick up day at Alliance Coach: RVoyager motorhome preps for first adventure

We shopped for more than a year and made our decision at last: a 2005 Newmar Kountry Star.

AJ with her essential camping equipment, fly swatter and beer on site at Alliance Coach in Wildwood, Fla., where buyers can camp a night to try out their RVs to make sure everything is satisfactory.

Ever since my Aunt Gertie and Uncle Homer drove me across country on an Airstream camping trip when I was maybe 10 or 11, I longed for their lifestyle.

The loving couple sold out of their drugstore business at some point in their middle ages. They started a traveling jewelry sales business and would gypsy from town to town, setting up shop in front of 5 & 10 stores, markets and fairs.

Bill has led a similar life as a traveling professional poker dealer and also yearned to do so in an RV instead of booking hotel after hotel.

Together we found RVoyager. We decided on the name RVoyager because we love Star Trek Voyager. We joke that AJ is Capn Janeway and Bill — as excellent driver — is ace pilot Lieutenant Paris.

In April of 2019, our adventure travels began…

tow bars
Alliance Coach installed our Blue Ox towing system. Not every car can be “toad” easily, we learned.

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